ACE Looking for Volunteer Leaders! 
Help Us Position Our Association for a Successful Future!

ACE is looking to its future—and we need leaders to help us advance our mission! 

Nominations for the Board of Directors 

The association is issuing a call for nominations for members interested in serving on the ACE’s Board of Directors. 

The following positions are up for election in the 2019 cycle:

  • President-Elect     
    - Serves a one-year term in preparation to assume the College’s Presidency in the following 
      membership year.
    - Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
    - The President-Elect shall be a Fellow, elected by the members from among current or past 
      Members of the Board.
  • Directors (4 Positions)
    - Serve a three-year term; and may be elected to a second consecutive term.
    - One of the four newly elected Directors may be a Member.
    - Directors participate in Board Meetings and help determine the direction of the College.   

Seeking Associate Members of the Board

The College is also seeking nominations for the position of Associate Members of the Board (2 positions).

  • These two positions are elected by the Board.
  • The senior of the Associate Members is called the “Outgoing”—and will have the right to vote and serve as liaison to the Membership Committee.
  • The junior of the Associate Members is called the “Incoming”—and will not have a vote and will be appointed to another committee of the College.
  • Candidates must be Associate Members in good standing for at least one full year prior to election and must be endorsed by a Fellow of the College.

Submitting a Nomination

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, July 19th.

To submit a nomination, please complete our ONLINE NOMINATION FORM. 

All nominations will be reviewed and presented to the Nominating Committee for review and consideration. The slate of nominations will be presented to the entire membership for review and vote by on or before August 1st. 


Nominate a worthy colleague! Nominate yourself!  
ACE is on the move—and we want you to be part of all the exciting happenings!  Act today!