Education Committee

About the Committee

The Education Committee develops educational courses and oversees planning of the scientific program for the annual meeting. The committee consists of five Fellows or Members, a least one of whom is a member of the Board of Directors, who serve three-year terms.

Committee Chairs

  • Takeda Ferguson, Chair (2021-2024)
  • Eyal Oren, Vice Chair 


1. Continue work on the Competencies Project
2. Review the roles of the Education and Program Planning Committee
3. Prepare for workshops and roundtables at the 2020 ACE Annual Meeting

1. Oversee ACE Program Planning for Annual Meetings
2. Determine workshops and roundtables for the ACE Annual Meetings
3. Propose a theme for the ACE Annual Meetings
4. Develop and provide educational activities for ACE membership
5. Assess changing educational and training needs for Epidemiologists in to-day’s world

New initiatives

  1. Determine feasibility and interest in providing online "mini-courses" in subjects not readily available in all schools and programs
  2. Explore long-term funding for ACE Annual Meetings


Education Committee Materials

ACE Annual Meetings & Workshops 

Proof of Causality from Epidemiologic Observations by Sir Richard Doll. Presented May 14, 2003 at the Danforth Center Seminar Series, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, MO. Archived webcast.

Identifying Core Competencies in Doctoral-Level and Master-Level Epidemiological Training . Presentation of ACE Survey on competencies at 2010 ACE Annual Meeting.