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The American College of Epidemiology is an organization of epidemiologists that serves the interests of the profession and its members through advocating for issues pertinent to epidemiology, a credential-based admission and promotion process, sponsorship of scientific meetings, publications and educational activities, and recognizing outstanding contributions to the field. 

 Member Highlight - April 2014
The American College of Epidemiology is an organization that serves a number of functions for epidemiologists, one of which is providing Associate Members opportunities to be involved in the College through leadership and service.  Dr. Bertha Hidalgo, currently an Associate Member, has participated in a variety of positions throughout the College during her 4 years of membership.  Motivated by her connections with other members of the College, including Dr. Jan Eberth, Dr. Alberto Caban-Martinez and Dr. Joe Holbrook, she has served as the Chair of the Associate Member committee, as an ACE Board Member and currently serves as the vice-chair of the Minority Affairs committee. She was inspired to take on many of these leadership roles, she said, “because I saw the potential for growing the junior membership in the College.” Dr. Hidalgo explained, “junior members often have more time and have the energy to engage in activities that are important for the continued growth and longevity of organizations like ACE.” (read more)