2019 Annual Meeting

September 7-10, 2019
Hilton Pasadena, Pasadena, California
Real-World Epidemiologic Evidence in Policy & Practice



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Sponsored by the Epidemiology Foundation

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With “Real-World Epidemiologic Evidence in Policy and Practice” as the theme for this year’s meeting, we will highlight the contributions of epidemiology to the use of real-world evidence in policy and practice, spanning public health to clinical care. Epidemiologists represent the discipline that is focused on asking and answering questions about health and disease in human populations, often in observational settings. Questions asked and answered in real-world settings can provide important insights that may not be obtainable from the idealized settings of randomized controlled trials. Compared to randomized controlled trials, the use of real-world evidence can: a) significantly reduce time and cost of evidence development for regulatory and policy decisions; b) fill evidence gaps in under-represented populations, and c) fill evidence gaps about rare and long-term safety outcomes in larger populations. Organizations such as the FDA are now required to consider real-world evidence to support their regulatory decision-making in areas such as drug, device, and vaccine safety. Information from real-life clinical settings, such as from electronic medical records, is increasingly being used to address public health, regulatory/policy, epidemiological, and clinical questions. Abstracts highlighting research conducted across the spectrum of etiology to policy to implementation and evaluation based on real-world data are especially encouraged.