Call for Abstracts & Posters

Call for Abstracts

ACE Welcomes All Topics of Interest to Epidemiologists!
AI is our theme--but we want Annual Meeting Attendees to learn about the latest research and topics across the entire field!

Late Breaker Submission Round - Deadline is June 30, 2024 

We invite submissions for the upcoming 2024 ACE Annual Meeting, focusing on the pioneering intersection of epidemiology and artificial intelligence (AI) to propel advancements in public health. This theme underscores the critical role of innovative methodologies in understanding and addressing complex health issues.

Meeting Theme: Our conference will spotlight the transformative potential of integrating AI with epidemiological research. This collaboration offers unparalleled opportunities for enhancing disease surveillance, predictive modeling, and intervention strategies, thus revolutionizing public health practices.

Abstract submissions are encouraged from the following topics, although other topics in epidemiology would be considered:

  • Studies showcasing AI applications in epidemiological research, including but not limited to machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics.
  • Research highlighting the use of epidemiological data to train AI models, improving accuracy in disease prediction and health outcomes. Innovations in digital health and technology-driven public health interventions enabled by AI.
  • Evaluations of the safety, ethical, legal, and social implications of deploying AI in public health settings.
  • Using AI/ML to improve health equity.
  • Application of AI/ML in public health practices - abstracts focusing on examples of the use of AI/ML tools to support the public health workforce are encouraged.
  • Education and curricular development to integrate AI/ML in epidemiology courses.

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Important Dates

May 31, 2024 Deadline for Regular Abstract Submissions
June 2024 Regular Abstract Review
June 30, 2024 Deadline for Late Breaker Abstract Submissions
July 1, 2024 Withdrawal Deadline for Abstracts
July 2024 Late Breaker Abstract Review
August 1, 2024 Abstract Decisions Sent Out
September 8-11, 2024 ACE Annual Meeting in Columbus

Deadline for Regular Abstract Submissions: May 31, 2024
Deadline for Late Breaker Abstract Submissions: June 30, 2024