Career Mentoring Committee

The Career Mentoring Committee establishes and implements programs to provide mentorship to all College members.

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About the Committee:

The goal of the committee is to support professional career development through the facilitation of mentoring relationships within the College. This includes: increase educational opportunities, enhance networking at the Annual Meeting, develop mentoring partnerships.

  • Mentoring Partnerships
    • The Career Mentoring Committee helps ACE members develop successful mentoring partnerships by matching members seeking mentorship with members who are willing and able to provide assistance in a specified area of support. Mentoring partnerships may be of short- or long-term duration. 
  • Educational opportunities
    • The Career Mentoring Committee supports educational opportunities for ACE members by hosting or partnering with other Committees to host ACE in Action webinars and panel discussions. Previous ACE in Action presentations in the webinar series have been archived for viewing.
  • Annual Meeting Networking
    • Although the work of the Career Mentoring Committee occurs year-round, a highlight of the Committee’s work is the Career Mentoring Session taking place during the ACE Annual Meeting. In recent years, this session has been conducted as a panel discussion and has afforded participants the opportunity to enhance their meeting experience through small group interactions with panelists to discuss varied themes around career development, selecting or switching workplaces, and epidemiology sub-specialty areas.

Get Involved

Your experience can be a valuable asset to other ACE members! If you are willing to serve as a mentor, please update your profile to indicate this during your annual membership renewal or contact [email protected] to request an update. You can also request mentoring during membership renewal or via this form [link]

Additionally, there may be opportunities to join the Career Mentoring Committee. If you are interested in joining, please complete the Committee Participation Form and we will be in touch to provide details of our monthly meeting schedule.

Finally, if you have suggestions for mentoring-related content or activities you would like to see as a mentee or in which you would like to participate in as a mentor, please email the Committee Chairs. We are always looking for new ways to improve mentorship and career development opportunities for ACE members. 

Committee Chairs:

  • Sandy Sulsky (2026)
  • Jason Sacks (2026)