Minority Affairs Committee

About the Committee

The Minority Affairs Committee assesses the status of minorities in the profession, the role of the College in promoting increased minority representation in epidemiology and in the College, and recommends actions to increase research on health concerns of minority populations. The committee is composed of five Fellows or Members appointed by the President to serve three-year terms.



  1. Enhance an active and engaged membership (both in terms of numbers as well as diversity) with a special focus on recruiting junior epidemiologists. (Goal IA, section 6)
  2. Re-vamp our annual workshop by including speakers and topics that will draw larger participation and aid in the training of epidemiologists in topics relevant to minority affairs and health disparities. (Goal IB and Goal II, section 1 and 3)
  3. Plan a workshop (and/or roundtables, plenary sessions) for the Epi Congress, which focuses on identifying international factors which influence disparities in the US. (Goal IB and Goal II)
  4. Implement a travel award program to facilitate attendance at the MAC workshop for students invited to give oral presentations. Attending the MAC workshop a full day before the conference can be cost prohibitive, particularly for students. We hope that implementing a travel award program will help alleviate this financial burden for students hoping to attend, but otherwise unable. (Goal 3)
  5. Continue promoting, developing and disseminating educational tools pertinent to minority affairs health disparity. This may, for instance, require collaboration with the Publication Committee in order to draft/submit a submission on the status of Minority Affairs and its opportunities and challenges faced in the new era of epidemiology and population health. (Goal 1)

Minority Affairs Committee Materials

The Committee is currently seeking volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please complete the Committee Participation Form.