Past Lilienfeld Awardees

The American College of Epidemiology's most prestigious award is given in honor of Abraham Lilienfeld, outstanding teacher, scholar, and founder of the American College of Epidemiology. Fellows and members of the College are invited to nominate appropriate candidates for this honor. The College has conferred this award on the following distinguished epidemiologists:

1985 Milton Terris
1986 Alfred S. Evans
1987 George W. Comstock
1988 Lewis H. Kuller
1989 Leonard M. Schuman
1990 William H. Foege
1991 D.A. Henderson
1992 Richard Doll
1993 Joseph F. Fraumeni
1994 Barbara S. Hulka
1995 Charles H. Hennekens
1996 Patricia A. Buffler
1997 John M. Last 
1998 Frank E. Speizer
1999 Mervyn W. Susser
2000 Jacob A. Brody
2001 Brian MacMahon and Anthony B. Miller  (by the Congress of Epidemiology 2001 )
2002 David Schottenfeld
2003 Elizabeth Barrett-Connor
2004 Manning Feinleib
2006 Robert Hoover
2007 Noel S. Weiss
2008 Roger Detels
2009 Louise A. Brinton
2010 Leslie Bernstein
2012 William Schaffner
2013 Michael B. Bracken 
2014 Kenneth J. Rothman
2015 Jonathan M. Samet 
2017 Roberta B. Ness
2018 Victor J. Schoenbach  
2019 Steven Goodman

Graham A. Colditz


Dana Dabelea


Jiang He, MD, PhD