Policy and Procedures for Applying for New Project Initiatives

The American College of Epidemiology (ACE) supports new project initiatives originating from within its committee structure in consideration of the following guidelines:
  1. Requests for new project initiatives should be submitted using the ACE New Project Proposal Application Form.
  2. The proposal should address the growth and strategic priorities of the ACE.
  3. Any member of ACE may submit a proposal for funding.
  4. Any proposal submitted should have the endorsement of the ACE Committee most relevant to its goal.
  5. Information on the process for submitting project proposals would be posted on the ACE website.
  6. The ACE has allocated $10,000 in this calendar year to fund new projects.
  7. New projects will be reviewed yearly with July 1 as the submission deadline.
  8. No indirect costs would be awarded.
  9. For funded proposals, the earliest start date will be October 1 of each year.
  10. The Proposal Review Committee will consist of one member of the ACE Finance Committee and the ACE past-president. The Committee will review projects and make a recommendation of approval or non-approval to the ACE Board of Directors (ACE-BOD).
  11. The Finance Committee representative on the Ad Hoc Proposal Review Committee will be responsible for determining if the proposal can meet its objectives within the budget and timeline proposed.
  12. The ACE-BOD will review all approved proposals and make a final determination regarding the number of proposals funded and their amounts depending upon available funds.
  13. Proposals not submitted according to the format indicated on the "New Project Proposal Application Form" will not be considered for review.
  14. Proposals should be submitted by email to: President