Career Mentoring

The Career Mentoring Committee establishes and implements programs to provide mentorship to all College members.

About the Committee

The goal of the committee is to support professional career development through the facilitation of mentoring relationships within the College. This includes: increase educational opportunities, enhance networking at the Annual Meeting, develop mentoring partnerships.

Committee Chairs:


  • Edwin van Wijngaarden, Membership Committee Liaison  - [email protected]
  • Robert Campbell, Jr., Minority Affairs Committee Liaison   - [email protected]
  • TBN, Associate Member Liaison 

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Mentoring Guidelines

Mentoring Publications

ACE Mentoring Guidelines article from the Annals of Epidemiology, March 2019

Career mentoring is beneficial for mobility, growth and development at all stages of an epidemiologist’s career. The American College of Epidemiology (ACE) provides a variety of opportunities to be mentored and to mentor, facilitated through the Career Mentoring Committee. ACE has now moved to a new level of engagement in mentoring, offering a more inclusive and structured one-on-one mentoring program for epidemiologists to achieve their professional goals. This program has recently been formalized in the Mentoring Guidelines that were developed by the Career Mentoring Committee.  The Mentoring Guidelines can be used as a resource for both mentee and mentor as they offer suggestions for specific areas for mentoring and guiding principles of the mentee - mentor relationship. It is the hope of the Career Mentoring Committee and ACE that the adoption of the mentoring program will contribute positively to the professional success of ACE members at various career stages and in various career paths.

ACE Mentoring Webinar Article from the Annals of Epidemiology, May 2021

Webinars by Career Mentoring Committee Members

Brown Bag Talks Archive

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