Finance Committee

About the Committee

The finance committee is responsible for long range budgeting and investment of ACE funds, and serves in an advisory capacity to the Treasurer and the Board of Directors. The committee consists of a minimum of five Fellows or Members who serve three-year terms. At least one of these is a member of the Board of Directors, and the Treasurer is an ex-officio member.

Committee Chair

  • Nicholas Olberding (2022-2025)


  1. Promote and continue funding of the Travel Grant program for Associate Members attendance at the Annual Meeting and work with other committees to offer additional financial assistance to facilitate attendance at the Annual Meeting
  2. Develop and maintain annual budget policies and procedures
  3. Obtain financial support from grants, gifts and other sources
  4. Explore the fiscal feasibility of membership and annual meeting registration incentives. Each of these objectives will employ their unique strategies
  5. Review expenditures and income on a quarterly basis
  6. Determine income needed for annual expenditures at least one year in advance
  7. Establish mechanisms to request and accept gifts under 501c3 status
  8. Determine areas of grant funding needed and appropriate sources, at least annually
  9. Review the impact upon the annual operating budget
  10. Review the impact of the annual meeting on the budget.

The Finance Committee has completed a summary of the action items required for submission of a conference grant to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for support of annual meeting activities.

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Finance Committee Materials

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The Committee is currently seeking volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please complete the Committee Participation Form.