About the Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with developing strategies to recruit new members and to promote retention of current members. It is also responsible for recommending new services for members. The Committee consists of three or more Fellows or Members, appointed by the President for three-year terms.

Committee Members

  • Sarah Geiger, Acting Chair (2018)
  • Joe Holbrook, Acting Vice-Chair (2017)
  • Daniel Lackland (2017)*
  • Jennifer Gander, Associate Member Committee Liaison (2018)
  • Charles Oke, Minority Affiars Committee Liaison (ex-officio)
  • Maurizio Macaluso (2019)
  • Edwin van Wijngaarden (2019)
  • Kate Applebaum (2020)




  1. Increase membership annually. Specifically, we aim to increase the percent of lapsed members renewing their membership within one year, prevent lapsed membership by utilizing multi-year memberships, and developing a standard protocol for contacting lapsed members for renewal purposes.
  2. Track membership trends. Specifically, we aim to develop a standard protocol for tracking membership trends and report these results to the Board of Directors annually.

New initiatives

  1. The committee is working with the Minority Affairs Committee and Program Committee to draft an outreach letter to be sent to local schools, public health organizations, and other organizations that employee epidemiologists to encourage attendance at the Annual Meeting and membership in ACE.
  2. The committee is working with the Program Committee to identify ways to promote ACE membership during the Annual Meeting.
  3. The Committee is reviewing the Objectives and Strategies in the ACE Strategic Plan.


Membership Committee Materials