Outstanding Mentorship Award - New for 2024!

ACE is pleased to announce a new award to honor an exceptional professional mentor.

The Outstanding Mentorship Award is presented to:

  • Faculty mentors of graduate students (master's and/or doctoral level) who have shown an outstanding commitment to mentoring, developing and supporting postgraduate students; OR
  • Mentors who work in nonacademic/public health agencies/wider public health practices, but have a significant impact in public health education or mentorship. 

Effective mentoring involves getting to know a mentee's personal strengths and future goals, then providing tailored advice and encouragement and being able to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. 

This nomination should be done by one, or a group of post graduate students/mentees, who have been mentored by the nominee. In the nomination letter, the nominator has to briefly describe the relationship with the mentor and provide brief, but specific examples, of how the mentor has demonstrated some or all of the following criteria:

  • Excellence in mentorship.
  • Willingness to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with their mentees.
  • Ability to provide guidance and constructive feedback while encouraging the mentee to gain confidence in their own skills and intellectual independence.
  • Showing care for their mentees and treating them with respect, despite their race, religion or cultural background.
  • Ability to foster a comfortable but challenging work environment, in which mentees pursue and achieve their goals.
  • Gives mentees a voice and empowers them to participate in intellectual conversations, and provides a safe environment for them to share their concerns and difficulties.