Policy Committee

About the Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for developing policy positions and statements on behalf of the membership for approval by the Board of Directors. The committee consists of five Fellows or Members appointed to serve three-year terms.

Committee Chairs

  • Heidi S. Erickson (Co-chair) (2020-2023)                               
    [email protected]            

  • Stephen Deppen (Co-chair) (2020-2023)                                     
    [email protected]


  1. To advocate policies and actions that enhance the science and practice of epidemiology and its impact on health.
  2. To promote the development and dissemination of tools and methods to enhance translation of epidemiology into policy.
  3. To promote the ethical practice of epidemiology and foster attention to ethics in education.
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Policy Committee Materials

2017 Case Studies

HHS-OPHS-2015-0008 Federal Rulemaking

Translating epidemiology to policy

Classification by Race, Ethnicity, Color, or National Origin (CRECNO)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  • 9/2003 Letter from Friends of AHRQ
  • 3/2004 Letter from Friends of AHRQ

Contacting Medicare Beneficiaries
  • 11/2002 

Data sharing

HIPAA Privacy Regulations
  • 11/2001 Letter 1 to Secretary Thompson on Impact of Medical Privacy Rule on Research
  • 4/2002  Letter 2  to Secretary Thompson regarding Medical Privacy Rule
  • 3/2003  AAMC Initiative on Impact of HIPAA on Research
  • 4/2003  NIH Website on HIPAA & Research
  • 5/2003  MMWR supplement (pdf) (May 2, 2003) on HIPAA & Public Health
  • 11/2003  ACE testimony on HIPAA and AAMC survey database
  • 11/2003  ACE testimony  at NCVHS Hearings

NIH Boundary Panel & Integrative Review Groups (IRG)
  • 3/2002  Letter 1  to Director, Center for Scientific Review    Response
  • 5/2002  Letter 2  to Director, Center for Scientific Review    Response
  • 3/2002  Letter re: Biology and Development of Aging (BDA) IRG
  • 3/2002  Letter re: Cardiovascular Sciences (CVS) IRG
  • 4/2002  Letter re: Oncological Sciences (ONC) IRG
  • 5/2002  Letter re: Fundamental Genetics & Population Biology IRG
  • 6/2002  Letter re: Digestive Sciences (DIG) IRG
  • 8/2002  Letter re: Endocrinology, Metabolism, Nutrition and Reproductive Sciences (EMNR) IRG
  • 8/2002  Letter re: Renal and Urologic Sciences (RUS) IRG
  • 2/2003  Letter re: Respiratory Sciences (RES) IRG