Shailesh Advani

National Institute of Health

Why do you want to serve as a leader of the College?

ACE provides a unique platform for students and early career epidemiologists to work with leaders in our field, gain vital experience and learn the necessary collaborative and leadership skills in this rapidly changing global world. As an Early Career Epidemiologist, I am keen to work with the team to move the organization ahead and provide more opportunities for the next generation of epidemiologists. In my early career while pursing MPH and PhD, I have served on several leadership positions, both at state level (with Kentucky Public Health Association) and National level (with American Public Health Association) and work with diverse research interest group including INEP (International Network of Epidemiology Professionals). My goal is to further learn and contribute towards the field of Epidemiology through leadership and service and continue to evolve as a team player and a leader. I currently work as a postdoctoral fellow at National Institutes of Health and as an adjunct faculty with Georgetown University. This gives me a unique opportunity to learn of ways and impact Epidemiologists make, both at academic and federal institution. My hope is to expand these skills with ACE and contribute towards development of early career epidemiologists through my career and personal experiences.

What are your qualifications and experiences that will help you in service as a leader?

I am an Epidemiologist by training and graduated with my PHD in Epidemiology from University of Texas School of Public Health. My training was multidisciplinary which provided me with an opportunity to learn of integrating lifestyle and molecular features in understanding health outcomes. During this training, I have also gained valuable experience in a mixed academic setting with School of Public Health with ongoing research in one of the world’s biggest cancer center: MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas where I worked with faculties in diverse areas of research areas including: men’s health, cancer screening and prevention, molecular epidemiology and health outcomes research.  Prior to this, I pursued my MPH at Western Kentucky University with dual concentration in Health Education and Environmental Health and pursued a certificate program in leadership studies.  During this period, I served on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Public Health Association as part of my leadership role as President with Western Kentucky University- Public Health Association Chapter. As a team leader, I led my team of 5 officers and 40 students to represent our school chapter at the annual KPHA meeting and were awarded the best student chapter of the year. Due to our team efforts in increasing team membership and participating in public health across state, I was awarded the Outstanding Student of the Year Award by the American Public Health Association Committee of Affiliates and also received the Western Kentucky University- Leadership Service Award. In addition to these, I have also served in several leadership roles with American Public Health Association Epidemiology Section, Committee of Affiliates and Student Assembly. As an Epidemiologist, I have tried to work with diverse population groups both in academia, government and organizations like APHA to train myself in teaching, service and leadership. In past year, I was also given a unique opportunity to serve as an associate editor for BMC Public Health and BMC Cancer to enhance peer review process. This was based on my prior work as a peer reviewer for esteemed journals and my role as a student member of the American Journal of Public Health.

As a physician trained Epidemiologist, my training in research and leadership skills will help me serve as a team player and a leader with the American College of Epidemiology to expand and move forward its mission, vision and values.