Toby Rochelle Levin, PhD, MPH, CHES

Westchester County Department of Health

Why do you want to serve as a leader of the College?

I am honored to be a part of those nominated to be a director on the board.  I want to be able to use my skills in leadership to further the goals and objectives of the College.  I feel that it important for ACE to expand its membership by recruiting student from various public health programs.  I also believe that it is important for ACE to have a voice in public health to further the field of epidemiology.  Any policies and procedures set by the College can and should be shared with fellow organizations so that there can be a standard among all epidemiologists and public health professionals. 

If elected to the board I would like to be more involved in membership and mentoring as I believe that it is important to build the skills for future epidemiologists.  I view the world through the eyes of an investigator always curious and trying to make improvements to systems so as to make them better.  I believe that I have much experience and knowledge that can be shared and would be of value to the College. 

What are your qualifications and experiences that will help you in service as a leader?

I have been an epidemiologist for almost 19 years; currently employed by the Westchester County Department of Health and previously employed by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  I am also an adjunct professor at Dominican College in the doctorate for nurse practice and at Monroe College in the masters in public health program for over 5 years.  By working in these two different types of organizations, local health department/government and academia, I bring a perspective that can bridge learning of epidemiology and investigating diseases/protecting the public through epidemiology.

I have extensive experience in supervising, mentoring and guiding entry-level epidemiologists, graduate and medical students.  I have supervised both large and small groups of individuals with varying levels of education and titles.  I was inducted into the National Society for Leadership and Success, in 2018, which has given me tools to be an effective leader. In addition I was voted in as the Epidemiology Section Councilor, a leadership position, for the American Public Health Association in November 2018 where I have been assisting on different committees.

One of my major accomplishments was in 2002 when I collaborated with New York State Department of Health to provide the universal birth dose for Hepatitis B in half the hospitals in New York City.  I worked with the CEO, vice presidents and other leaders to get accomplish this task.  Being able to work with leaders has helped me hone my skills as well.  Additionally, I have also been the lead on many outbreak investigations including, most recently, the measles outbreak in New York State.