Outstanding Contributions to Epidemiology Award

2017 Call for Nominations
The Methods of Translating and Disseminating Epidemiology Into Public Health

Westin Hotel at the Canal, New Orleans, Louisiana 
September 24‒26


The American College of Epidemiology invites nominations for its annual Outstanding Contributions to Epidemiology Award. (Click here to view list of past awardees)

Award Description

This award recognizes an active epidemiologist for outstanding contributions to the field in one of three areas: 1) methods development; 2) etiologic research; or 3) applied epidemiology. The award is conferred each year at the Annual Meeting and the recipient is invited to deliver a platform talk to the College during the regular program. The Award includes an honorarium of $3,000. In addition, the costs of attending the Annual Meeting (transportation and accommodation) will be reimbursed, and registration expenses will be waived.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for each award area are described below:

  • Methods Development: An award for Outstanding Contribution in Methods Development recognizes one epidemiologist for exemplary work in theoretical or applied research methodology that has demonstrably advanced the practice of epidemiology. Eligible nominees should have a strong record of peer-reviewed publications on methods in epidemiology or related disciplines (e.g., statistics, social sciences, etc.).
  • Etiologic Research: An award for Outstanding Contribution in Etiologic Research recognizes one epidemiologist for research that has led to advances in the general understanding of the etiology of a specific health condition or group of conditions of public health significance. Eligible nominees should have a strong record of peer-reviewed publications on etiologic research in epidemiology or related disciplines (e.g., clinical, basic science, etc.).
  • Applied Epidemiology: An award for Outstanding Contribution in Applied Epidemiology recognizes one active epidemiologist for contributions that resulted in translating epidemiologic evidence to clinical, public health, or health policy applications. A strong record of peer-reviewed publications is not required to describe the impact of this translational work, but evidence of the meritorious contributions of the nominee should be documented.  Documentation should be accessible or provided to the committee for review and may include unpublished reports or gray literature as well as traditional publications.


Nomination Procedure

Active ACE members (Associate, Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow or Emeritus) are invited to nominate eligible candidates for this award. Nominations should include:

  • A statement of the Award category:  Methods Development, Etiologic Research, or Applied Epidemiology
  • A narrative description of the particular contribution or collection of contributions prompting the nomination. For example, a single high-impact publication could be sufficient for a nomination, as could a collection of work.  Regardless, this description should document how the contribution has influenced the field of epidemiology and/or related fields as well as any direct population health impact.
  • Examples of work (e.g., papers, reports, etc.) do not need to be attached to the nomination letter, but a select list of relevant examples that can be accessed by the committee would be helpful.
  • A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae should be submitted with the nomination letter.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.

The deadline for receipt of nominations for the 2017 Award is May 15, 2017.

Please send nomination letters and candidate CVs as PDF files attached to an email to:

Steve Jacobsen, MD, PhD, Awards Committee Chair
American College of Epidemiology

[email protected]